The Wrong Girl

Network 10

The Wrong Girl - Series 2

After six months of romantic bliss, television producer Lily has set up a new home in New Zealand with Jack. Her hiatus from the real world is interrupted when she receives a call to return home and help save her old breakfast television show, The Breakfast Bar, from cancellation.

Upon her return, Lily barrels into conflict with Co-Producer Jeremy, who has his own way of doing things. Drama at the television show ensues, with epic shake-ups, cunning power plays and internal politics keeping Lily on her toes as she tries to keep The Breakfast Bar afloat. All the underlying questions of Lily’s commitment and need for authenticity in her career and love life can no longer be ignored. This time, can Lily make the right choice?

The Wrong Girl - Series 1

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Based on the hit book by Zoë Foster Blake, The Wrong Girl follows the life of 29-year-old breakfast television producer Lily Woodward, played by Jessica Marais. Like everyone, Lily wants a life rich in romance, a dynamic career and a happy family, but getting there is complicated.

The Wrong Girl is for anyone who has diligently played by the rules, only to realise everyone else is playing a different game.

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