Playmaker Media Pty Ltd (ABN 74 135 683 699) is an Australian television production company that develops and produces scripted and unscripted television programs for distribution worldwide.

Playmaker Media Pty Ltd and related bodies corporate in Australia (collectively ‘Playmaker’ and ‘us’, ‘we’, ‘our’) take your privacy seriously and Playmaker is committed to ensuring that your personal information is dealt with in compliance with Australian privacy legislation, including the Australian Privacy Principles.

Playmaker is a company within the Sony Pictures group of companies. Playmaker may need to disclose your personal information to Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc and/or related bodies corporate (‘Sony Group’), and will do so in a manner which is consistent with Australian privacy legislation, including the Australian Privacy Principles.

Other companies in the Sony Group are responsible for personal information controlled outside Australia in accordance with their respective privacy policies. You can find the Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc Privacy Policy on their website:

This Privacy Policy describes what, why and how we collect and use your personal information, how we hold it and how you can contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Due to the changing nature of privacy requirements in Australia and the evolving manner by which Playmaker conducts its business and the ways we collect and use your personal information, we reserve the right to update this policy at any time as we deem necessary. An up-to-date copy of Playmaker’s Privacy Policy will be available at or upon written request to our Privacy Officer (contact details below).

Personal Information

Your personal information which we may collect includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Contact information which may include:
    1. Full name
    2. Telephone numbers (including home/work/mobile)
    3. Email addresses
    4. Residential/Mailing/Work addresses
  2. Date of birth
  3. Gender
  4. Occupation
  5. Work/Employment/Volunteer History
  6. Education & Qualifications
  7. Personal and professional interests and hobbies which may include club and/or society memberships
  8. Information regarding your physical characteristic and personality
  9. Information relating to your financial situation and/or financial details
  10. Any other relevant personal information that we collect which identifies you or makes you reasonably identifiable as an individual.


Sensitive Information

We will only collect your sensitive information directly from you, and only from third parties with your consent. We will only use your sensitive information internally and we may share this information with trusted third parties as we deem necessary or appropriate in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Your sensitive information which we may collect includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Sexual orientation and/or preferences/practices
  2. Religious beliefs
  3. Philosophical beliefs
  4. Medical history and health
  5. Criminal history and record
  6. Racial and ethnic origin
  7. Political opinions and affiliations.


How We May Collect & Use Your Information

The types of information we collect from you will vary and we may request your information for any purpose in our discretion with respect to the relevant circumstance. We will only request information from you that is relevant to our business functions or activities.

We may also collect your personal information from third parties where you have given permission for them to do so or where they are legitimate third party sources legally permitted to share your personal information.

We may ask you to provide contact details for third parties in relation to any application you make to us. Please ensure you provide those individuals with instructions to access this Privacy Policy and ensure that they are happy for you to pass along their details and for their personal information to be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Some of the reasons we may use the above information from you or a third party (where applicable) include:-

  1. To verify your identity
  2. To communicate with you
  3. In consideration of potential employment at Playmaker
  4. In order to assess your suitability for participation, contract and/or inclusion in the development and/or production of any Playmaker production
  5. To asses any applications for television programs including as a contestant, participant, audience member, actor
  6. To conduct background checks which may include criminal history checks and/or medical history assessments (with your consent)
  7. Submissions for television program development which you wish us to consider
  8. To assess your suitability to provide goods or services for and/or in connection with the business of Playmaker
  9. In connection with the production, exploitation, sale, distribution, licensing of any Playmaker development or production
  10. To obtain advice, undertake research and/or perform analysis regarding any of Playmaker’s business, development and/or production
  11. To undertake investigations surrounding complaints made by you or about you in connection with any Playmaker business (including production).

You are not obliged to provide your personal information to us, however, where you choose not to, we may decline or terminate any application you have made in connection with the development and/or production of any Playmaker production.


Playmaker will not collect personal information from any person known to Playmaker to be under 16 years of age without the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

Playmaker will not sell your personal or sensitive information.

How We Hold Your Information

Playmaker’s physical storage of your information is at our offices at Fox Studios Australia, New South Wales. Fox Studios Australia is a gated site monitored by 24 hour CCTV and security personnel. Access to the site is restricted and closely monitored.

Electronic storage of information is organised and managed for and on behalf of Playmaker by the Sony Group. Electronic information held locally by Sony Group for Playmaker is protected by high level security measures that meet all Australian privacy legislation requirements.

All data stored overseas is encrypted and transmitted through secure networks and/or with encryption. Overseas data is primarily held in the United States.

Playmaker will hold onto your information for different periods of time depending on the reason it was collected. Your information will be stored securely, whether electronic or physical, and made available only to employees and management of Playmaker and other trusted third parties as set out in this Privacy Policy. Once Playmaker decides it no longer needs to hold your information, it will be destroyed in a secure manner.


Playmaker will only disclose your personal and sensitive information in accordance with this Privacy Policy or as otherwise may be lawful. In any other circumstances, Playmaker will seek your consent to disclose your information.

We may disclose your information in the following circumstances:

  1. Where required by law or authorised by any Court or Tribunal, or where we reasonably believe that our disclosure of your personal or sensitive information is required for law or court enforcement
  2. For a lawful purpose to satisfy any law, regulation or legal request, and to be used in evidence including in any legal proceedings involving Playmaker and/or the Sony Group
  3. In a general or health emergency where we reasonably believe that the disclosure of your personal and sensitive information may assist the relevant authority including but not limited to police, security and paramedic services
  4. To share with our related bodies corporate, Sony Group, television network, other content providers (including but not limited to streaming platforms), distributors, any promotional partners, and their respective related bodies.


Overseas Disclosure

Playmaker may disclose your information to overseas parties in some instances. These parties are primarily located in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Playmaker cannot guarantee and will not be responsible for the security of the internet or information transferred online, and no assurance is given by Playmaker with respect to the security of online communication of your information.

Your Right to Request Access to Your Personal Information

You have a right to request access to the personal information that Playmaker holds about you. You have a right to request corrections to that personal information.

Playmaker will request from you sufficient identifying information for verification purposes. If you cannot satisfy this request, Playmaker may refuse access to personal information.

Where Playmaker reasonably incurs any costs in retrieving and/or providing your personal information to you, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee for the provision of that information to you. This may include circumstances where your information appears on program tapes, or has been physically stored offsite. Playmaker will endeavour to provide you with your personal information for a nominal postage/handling fee where it is practical and reasonable for us to do so.

Where you request that we delete some or all of the personal information we hold about you, we will take reasonable steps to delete that information, except where we are required to keep such information for legal reasons. Your request that we delete some or all of the personal information we hold about you may result in the termination of any application you have made in connection with the development and/or production of any Playmaker production.

Please note that Playmaker is not responsible for your personal information where held by any third party who has been provided your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This includes where you have made a request to Playmaker to update or delete your personal information. We will endeavour to take reasonable steps to notify your request to third parties with whom we have shared your information but ultimately are not responsible for the change to or removal of your personal information from the records of any third party.

Contact our Privacy Officer

If you have any concerns or questions about your personal information, or you wish to make a complaint about the way Playmaker deals with privacy, please put your concern/question/complaint in writing and send to us by (either of):

  1. Email:
    Please make the Subject of your email: ATTENTION PRIVACY OFFICER
  2. Post:
    Fox Studios Australia
    38 Driver Avenue
    Moore Park NSW 2021


Alternatively, you may contact us on +61 2 9266 2880 with general queries.

We will endeavour to provide you with a satisfactory response to your concern/question/complaint within 30 days of receiving your written concern/question/complaint. If you are not satisfied with Playmaker’s response you may contact The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner via: