One Vision

Unbroken authorship is the key to great television drama.

Since 2011, this ideology has been reflected in Scribe, Playmaker’s showrunner development initiative, which brings together Australia’s most talented writers to nurture their ideas and hone their producer capability.


Scribe evolved from its original local format into an even more exciting and progressive program with the support of Sony Television in LA.


Leading Australian screenwriters who were mentored through the program include Shelley Birse (The Commons, The Code) and Glen Dolman (Bloom, Hawke). They both developed and refined series concepts to pilot script stage under the mentorship of prominent showrunners Graham Yost (The Americans) and Carol Mendelsohn (CSI) in LA. Those two series, The Commons and Bloom were both green-lit, with Bloom earning a recommission plus the Logie for The Most Outstanding Mini-Series on Australian Television. The Commons was produced in 2019.

Writers in the Scribe program are given front-row seats to the inner workings of the global television industry, meeting key buyers, decision-makers, creatives, showrunners and executives in the ever-changing world of international television to help take their fully-formed ideas from script to screen.

Since its inception, Scribe has led to the production of six original primetime drama series for Australian networks. Participants have included Drew Proffitt (House Husbands), Matt Ford (Hiding), Shelley Birse (The Code, The Commons), Sarah Lambert (Love Child) and Glen Dolman (Bloom).