Wicked Love

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Wicked Love

It is often said that truth is stranger than fiction‚ and surely no case proves that more than that of the events leading to the slow‚ brutal death of Maria Korp.

When the Melbourne mother of two went missing on 9 February 2005‚ police immediately suspected her wayward husband Joe Korp and his mistress Herman. While Maria lay dying in the boot of her car near the Shrine of Remembrance‚ Korp made the decision to point the finger of blame at his lover.

Writer-Driven Drama

Journalist Carly Crawford followed the Maria Korp case from the beginning and was one of the last people to have contact with Joe Korp before he committed suicide on 12 August 2005‚ the day of Maria's funeral.

The bizarre death of Maria Korp was one of Australia's most notorious criminal cases.

Wicked Love is the telemovie based on Carly Crawford’s explosive account.

Writer - Ellie Beaumont
Director - Ian Watson
Director of Photography - Mark Wareham