House Husbands

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House Husbands – Series 1

House Husbands is a drama about four modern families with one thing in common: the men are in charge of raising the kids. A warm, funny and real perspective on the way we live today, House Husbands proves that just because you have kids doesn’t mean you ever need to stop acting like one.

The four husbands are completely different, so are their wives, partners and family arrangements. What bonds them are the challenges of their relationships, friendships and careers…and getting the kids to school on time.

House Husbands was created by Ellie Beaumont and Drew Proffitt. Producers are Sue Seeary, Drew Proffitt and Ellie Beaumont.

House Husbands - Series 2

Australia’s favourite House Husbands are back for another series of laughs, romance, misadventure and canteen duty.

In Series 2 the house husbands will build a new home, prepare for the arrival of a foster child, narrowly escape a vasec­tomy, argue over the going tooth fairy rate, bury a possum, get lost in the bush, organise the school disco and face an unexpected tragedy.

Despite what life throws at them, the four men and their families will come up fighting, even if they are running late for the school bell.

House Husbands - Series 3

It’s been a year since we left our House Husbands at the school gate and a lot has changed...

Over Series 3 our House Husbands will accidentally buy a struggling pub and transform it into a thriving, family friendly business, form a footy team and perform at their kids’ ballet recital, go shopping for crop tops, accidentally break the Deputy Principal’s tooth, negotiate the politics of dealing with friends who have split up, have their nude portrait painted and get chased down the street by a pack of cricket bat-wielding thugs.

A great take on modern families that roll with the punches, even if they struggle to pull off a ballet bun.

House Husbands - Series 4

A lot can change in a year and our House Husbands are no exception..

Over Season 4 our House Husbands will partake in an auction bidding war for a house, coach the under 10 netball team to victory, get in a food fight at a Chinese Restaurant, start a kids’ fitness business, lose a finger at canteen duty, stage a P & C coup, throw a wedding, have a wrestling match on a bouncy castle and announce two pregnancies.

Life isn't easy for our four friends but that doesn't stop them from giving it a red hot go, even if they’ve forgotten to wash the netball bibs.

House Husbands - Series 5

Australia’s favourite dads and their loved ones return with more fun, friendships, fights and fabulously flawed families in the new season of House Husbands.

Lewis (Gary Sweet) is unimpressed with his neighbour Rachel’s (Jane Allsop) new younger beau and their alfresco lovemaking habits. He’s even less impressed to discover that this suitor, Nick (Hugh Sheridan), will be teaching music at Nepean South Primary School and hitting all the right notes with kids and parents alike. Lewis is certain that Nick is hiding something and he’s determined to expose it.