Filmed primarily in Mandarin, CHOSEN is a three-part mini-series commissioned by iQIYI, currently the largest online video streaming platform in China. Based on an original U.S. series on the Crackle network, CHOSEN is a high-end action and suspense thriller, set in Sydney. CHOSEN has been viewed by over 30 million viewers in China and is currently streaming on NETFLIX.

Shortly after arriving in Sydney, Australia, a brilliant heart surgeon visiting from China is drawn into a deadly game whereby he must kill a stranger or lose somebody close to him. Our hero unexpectedly finds himself at the centre of a deadly, complex game when he is delivered a box with a murderous message. As a doctor dedicated to preserving life, he refuses to play - he refuses to kill. Then those he loves most, his family, come under threat. Kidnap and murder are just the start. This is the thrilling story of a man fighting against impossible odds to bring his family to safety, using everything at his disposal to outwit his unknown opponents amidst terrible danger.