Published on 07.03.2019

A Bloomin' Good Review!

As reported by Wenlei Ma at

It sounds silly at first — a magical plant that makes you young again, even if for a few days.

But like many stories with elements of fantasy or enchantment, it’s just a framework to explore something deeper. In Bloom, that’s deep-rooted regret — the one thing in your life you wished you could do over.

In Stan’s new original series, released on the streaming service today, regret underpins its characters’ actions — destructive, loving and passionate actions.

One year after a horrendous flood washes through Mullens, the small Victorian country town is still struggling to cope with the grief of losing five people to the fearsome waters.

But where the victims died, nature has given something in return — a magic bulb-like plant with the power to restore your youth.