BLOOM2_EP2_25_11_19_0945_Phoebe Tonkin is Gwen Reed Bella Heathcote is Loris
Published on 10.04.2020

BLOOM Season 2 premieres on Stan amid top reviews

Starring Bryan Brown, Phoebe Tonkin, Jacqueline McKenzie, Toby Schmitz, Bella Heathcote, Jackson Heywood, Ed Oxenbould and Jacki Weaver, the new season picks up after news of the miracle has spread - but this time around the plant itself has transformed and the experience and its side effects are far more severe.  With miracle-seekers arriving, a battle between science, nature and faith erupts.


“A blooming good follow-up”  - The Australian

“There are new characters, a plethora of plot lines and a great cast of some of Australia’s finest performers from across the age spectrum.”  - SMH

“Yes, it takes a leap of faith to accept the central premise of Bloom. But doing so bears fruit aplenty.” - SMH

“Bloom is top-shelf television.” - The Weekend Australian

“Imagine a plant that could make anyone young again. The idea of a botanical fountain of youth is the central premise of Stan’s original Australian drama Bloom, which returns for a binge-worthy second season premiering over the Easter long weekend.”  - Sunshine Coast Daily

"It is also a superb showcase of Australian talent, from Ed Oxenbould all the way up to Jacki Weaver." - The Sun-Herald

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